Piazza Don E. Mapelli, 75
20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

The Consortium

CISQ AUTOMOTIVE is a non-profit Consortium that promotes, develops, coordinates and regulates the activities of the consortium members for the certification of company management systems in the auto-vehicle sector, in compliance with the requirements of standard IATF 16949 and replacement and/or equivalent standards, nationally and internationally.

CISQ AUTOMOTIVE was founded in 1999 as a certification scheme dedicated to the auto-vehicle sector, as part of the CISQ Federation.
Following the significant growth in business, in 2007 the CISQ Federation decided to create a separate legal entity, with specific governing bodies and financial independence, thereby establishing the CISQ AUTOMOTIVE Consortium.


  • verifies conformity of the activity conducted by the Consortium members, to ensure observance of the reference regulations;
  • manages relationships with international accreditation organizations in the automotive sector and with their national contact points resulting from the Consortium member’s activities with reference to the obligations assumed by the Consortium through the relevant agreements.

Mario Romersi, Engineer
Technical and Management Officer
Dr. Alessandro Ventimiglia